Surround speakers near back wall: RTIA3 or FXIA6 for


In front, I have two RTIA9, a RTIA6 and a PSW125 sub. Since my living room is small, my couch is almost against the wall. The listening position is 10” (25 cm) from the back wall. Therefore, I think there is no room to install speakers behind the couch. I am planning to put speakers on the side of the listening position.

Will I get any benefits from FXIA6 over RTIA6 since I only have two listening positions and since I can easily put the speakers from an equal distance from the listening positions?

Do dipole/bipole (FXIA6) speakers can be place on the sidewall very close to the back wall? I am not sure if the sound would properly rebound since they would be very close to the back wall.

Thank you


  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,785
    I would go with the A3's in your situation.

    The FXI speakers aren't very good in corners. Front firing speakers are the better option. Place them about the center of the seating positions, and they should be good.
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