Pioneer Elite SC-55

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I have a couple of these so I thought I would see if anyone on the forum needed one

Up for sale is a Pioneer Elite SC55 AVR. This unit had the UE22 error and was sent to Pioneer for repair. They replaced the bad board and it is good to go now. Included is the power cord and remote.

I am asking $250 plus shipping from Illinois

Local pick up would be great. I am about 60 miles southwest of Chicago


  • teamjhertzteamjhertz Posts: 331
  • teamjhertzteamjhertz Posts: 331
  • teamjhertzteamjhertz Posts: 331
    Tried the remote and for some reason half the buttons are not working

    Price drop to $200 plus shipping hopefully for a quick sale
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    Pm sent
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    WOW this is a great deal.

    Just curious, does the auto setup eq the subwoofer?

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    I think it just sets the channel level and makes no EQ adjustments for the sub if I remember correctly
  • teamjhertzteamjhertz Posts: 331
    Still available if anyone is interested
  • teamjhertzteamjhertz Posts: 331
    Last price drop to $185 plus shipping
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    This is sold
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    Now only if that SC-99 would sell, all the Pioneers would be wiped off this forum! Congrats bud.

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    DSkip wrote: »
    Now only if that SC-99 would sell, all the Pioneers would be wiped off this forum! Congrats bud.

    I was hoping yours would have sold by now. I am getting ready to try and sell mine.

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    It ended up selling on eBay and the buyer wanted a partial refund $50 or I had to pay return shipping so I wish I would have sold it here

    eBay is a buyer site and the seller is out of luck in most cases
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    I would like to upgrade from my sc68 to the SC99

    But cannot swing it now
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