Onkyo as 2nd amp

I have been Onkyo Sr607 running at 7.1 with all seven speakers hooked up for the surround-sound. On the 607’s sub woofer output I am running to a Onkyo sr606 with bi amping capability. I plan to run four 10 inch 8 ohm subwoofers, 2 to the front left and right and two to the bi-amp outputs left and right.
My question is would the 606 drive all 4 with equal power? Does it matter if I even use the bi-amp or can I simply use any other channel for that matter?


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    Let me see if I understand you correctly. You have one AVR connected to another via the sub out and want to know if you can drive 4 subs with the second AVR?

    I'm trying to wrap me head around that, but my instinctive reaction would be no.
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    Gotta use the right tool for the job, and an AVR's amplifier doesn't seem like the right tool to drive subwoofers.
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    I tend to agree that this wouldn't work.

    Since you are looking to just power the subs you don't need a super expensive amplifier(s)...
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    Without thinking too hard about this:

    1) why not use powered subwoofers?
    2) you (the OP) might want to do some Googling/reading about distributed bass applications.
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    Well.....me thinks not so much.
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    I don't think it will work, but saying that your home theater has 4 subs might sound cool to your friends. :p
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    Even if you can, it doesn’t mean you should. How big is your room? What kind of subs are they, and what type of enclosure?
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  • I built 4 transmission line speaker boxes for the four Kicker CompVr's.... the room is almost a thousand square feet and plan to put one sub in each corner of the room. Each box is 48 in tall 18 in deep and 12in wide. I built the boxes at the perfect resonating frequency for the subs.
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    1000 sq or cubic feet?

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  • That distributed bass thread was very informative. However why was the polarity on one of the subs switched?
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