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I have to puff my chest out a little bit here. My son is receiving the Superintendent's Star Award for outstanding citizenship at his school. One student is selected in the entire school. He doesn't know yet, but we will be going to receive the award in a few weeks at a board meeting.

I only wish Stephanie was here to share in the moment.

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    Congrats! What a nice reflection on you as a parent. Like father like son!

    A stark contrast to what I typically hear about kids these days getting in trouble at school for BITING other kids.

    I'm happy you don't have a biter.
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    Very cool, thanks for sharing..sounds like a good kid.
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    Great to hear and so nice to have YOUR kid recognized for that kind of award. And although I am not religious, I suspect that Stephanie is sharing in this news as well.......
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    Clipdat wrote: »
    Like father like son!
    You've obviously never met Skip.

    Skip if you'd have told me this last night I would have agreed to keep the kids.

    Congrats, man. That's awesome!!!
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    Nope never met, just interacted with on the forums and a phone convo.
    PSOVLSK wrote: »
    Clipdat wrote: »
    Like father like son!
    You've obviously never met Skip.

    Skip if you'd have told me this last night I would have agreed to keep the kids.

    Congrats, man. That's awesome!!!

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    My passion is for the music, my hobby is how I listen to it.
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    Nice. Congratulations to both of you (all of you)!
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    Fantastic Skip. You should be proud.
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    That's great Skip!!!
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    Congrats Skip and kudos to your son. You have every right to puff your chest.

    My youngest (son) graduated from Ohio State last May. I swear, it was almost like a religious experience for me I was so proud. He is ADHD and it was a long road for him, but he stuck with it and even worked full time and paid his own way.

    With us both being widowers, moments like these are extra special. I know how you feel about wishing mom was there to share the moment. It doesn't seem fair they don't get to reap the rewards like we get to.

    Not trying to steal your thread, I can just relate. You have many more proud moments ahead. Be proud, very proud, of him and yourself.

    Take care.

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    That's great to hear Skip, congratulations. That's obviously a reflection on your parenting.
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    DSkip wrote: »
    His response was "well, even though he is mean to me, I can be nice to him."
    Brought tears to my eyes. This is evidence of the overabundant love that is inside your son, waiting to be shared with others. I truly believe God keeps those in Heaven "informed" of our life here (Biblical evidence for it); I say this because I have NO DOUBT Stephanie is aware of how well you are doing with your children, and as proud as you are of your son, she likewise is proud of the father you are to them. Well done, my friend, well done!
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    congratulations !!!
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    That’s awesome and will be a memorable moment for all.
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    Skip, congrats. We could learn a lot from your young man, looks like he was raised right.
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    Nothing is more rewarding than a young person who has character and rises above, through hard work and discipline. Good job to all, you have a lot to be proud of.
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    This is the best thread I've seen in the Clubhouse all week. Way to go Skip.

    Proud - you should be!
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    Congratulations, Skip, to you and your entire crew. Nicely done !
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    Bravo Skip

    Good kid for sure
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    Congratulations to you and your son, Skip.

    Obviously, you have done a splendid job of parenting -- the toughest and most important job in the world.
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