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I have decided to re-build my SDA-2 speaker system; just can't seem to part with an old friend. That said, I can obtain all of the required replacement speakers from POLK, however I have recently heard of a website that recommends changing out the crossover networks on both speakers as well to ensure compabibility. Any links would be helpful.


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    People are going to want to know which SDA you have specifically. Doing it yourself or paying someone else to 'revitalize' or modify them is your best bet. Much better results that way as parts are higher quality.

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    Welcome !!! I took the leap about a month ago, and am in the middle of electronic and cosmetic upgrades on my 1C's. I have a bone stock set of 2B's that will eventually get the upgrade.

    @westmassguy is doing all of my electronic upgrades. Lots of positive praise for him here in the forum, he has documented many examples.

    Highly recommended !!!
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