Polk Magnifi One Turns Itself Off Every Couple Minutes

I am experiencing a problem with my soundbar turning itself off every couple of minutes. We do not have a TV with Bluetooth capability so it is wired. We have only had the soundbar for a few month and have never had an issue until last night. It is extremely annoying and we have checked all the connections. Any thoughts?


  • i am having the same problem with my soundbar randomly shutting off, i to have had the soundbar for a month,, any thoughts?
  • gtjonesgtjones Posts: 1
    I'm having the same experience that it shuts off whenever it wants hard to get it to come back on
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    Welcome one and all. Usually this type of problem is being caused by the incoming audio signal not being strong enough to prevent the automatic standby mode from activating. The cure is to raise the level of the source signal above the standby threshold.
    Regards, Ken
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    What is the "standby threshold" for a TV?
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    Polk sound bar both for TV and bluetooth randomly and often just turns off. What do I do.
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,300
    That usually means the strength of the incoming signal is too low to prevent the automatic on/off feature from being triggered. The solution is increase the level of whatever is providing the source signal.
    Regards, Ken
    "That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence."
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  • My DSB1 Sound Bar is doing the same thing. Mine is also wired to the tv and about every 10 minutes, the sound bar turns off. It did not do this the first 3 weeks I owned it.
  • Did we ever get an answer on why the sound bar Polk Magnifi stopped working
  • My DSB1 sound bar has just started turning off about every 10 minutes today. We have had it for about four months. Earlier today, I was trying to connect my phone via bluetooth to play some tunes but couldn't get it to work even though I got it to work a few weeks ago. Ever since the sound bar has started turning itself off. Very frustrating. Dish installed it for us and I doubt they will be able to help without a service call.
  • Change the battery in Polk remote or remove it if not being used. Low battery level made mine go and do random stuff.
  • Yeah, my daughter's pointed this out, this morning. I had the same issue. No sound. I checked all cabling, restarted the system, changed the battery and hopped on one foot. No change. I then checked to unsure only one light was active on the bar, turning off the OPT and AUX. Press the sound up and held until I heard audio. Worked for me. Thanks, Dustin.
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    mine started recently shutting off after about 10 minutes even if optical input was playing. had no issues for the first three years of ownership.

    did some playing around with the cables as suggested by another thread...realized the optical cable into the sound bar was flipped. there's a smaller side and a larger side, larger side should be facing you as you're looking at the back of the sound bar. I probably put the cable in the wrong way in my most recent move.

    hope this helps some of you.
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