rt70 should be facing which way?

Hi, I'm new to installing any in-ceiling speaker, and to be honest these were very easy to install, but I did run into an issue, which way should they be facing? Should the tiny tweeters be facing the listener? I know they can't be physically moved, but at least I can aim them on a general direction.



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    Yes, ideally you want the tweeters aimed at the listener. That is why you can move them, so that at least the higher frequencies will be directed at the listener.

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    Generally speaking, yes....face the tweeters towards your listening position. You may have to experiment a bit, depending on how you have them setup in relation to your listening position. If you can get the tweeters to aim about 2 ft past your head it may be better. In other words, you form a triangle with you, and the front left and right speakers, aim the tweeters so they cross about 2 ft past your head so your listening position is inside that triangle slightly. Experiment a bit....
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  • Thank you guys so much, I'll experiment, but at least now I have a point of reference.
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