GROUP BUY? Dayton Audio SPA2400DSP 2400W Subwoofer Amplifier with DSP

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Offers 2 x 1200 watts of power... + dsp/eq/etc etc

Would be $720 + shipping + paypal 3.5% or can send a money order if I can get 3 other people interested /////

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    FWIW (and I realize this is virtually useless in the context of this thread, sorry!) I just bought one of the recently-released "Dayton" branded 250 watt plate amps with DSP for a little subwoofer project that's stuck in the garage until I can get someone husky (e.g., our son-in-law) to help me carry it inside!

    It (also) looks quite flexible.

    Sorry for the detour :(

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    Where's that Dan rascal when you need him? He's all about bass overkill :p

    Bat signal for enders
  • pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Where's that Dan rascal when you need him? He's all about bass overkill :p

    Bat signal for enders

    Sorry man, I'm already covered bass wise with dual Crown XLS2000's.....

    I AM debating redoing a box though to go from sealed to ported for my nearfield boxes........ but that doesnt involve a amp change, just a new box for my existing drivers....
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