We used to be able to......

view all of our past uploaded images. Is that still possible?
Source: Oppo BDP-103/USB HDD | Preamp/DAC: Benchmark DAC2L | Power Amp: Parasound HCA-1500A | Speakers: PSB Imagine T2 | Cables: Kimber Hero/8TC; DH Labs D-75 | AC Power: Panamax M5300-PM


  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 15,641
    I rather hope not (and I'll leave it at that) ;)

    For the record, I just took a quick look by clicking on my moniker, and I didn't see anything obvious.
    "Some amps run on self bias, some amps run on fixed bias. But his amps run on confirmation bias." -- seen on audioasylum

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