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  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 2,258
    edited November 2016
    SRS 2.3's in New York for $750. Seller says he needs them gone, maybe an even lower price. No affiliation. z9ie3jeue1wz.jpg
    These are the earlier non Tl version.
    2.3TL, 3.1TL, SDA 2B, SDA II, 7B, 7C, 7 series 2, 10B, 5JR+, 5JR, 5A, 4.5, 4, RTA 11T X2 pairs, RTA 8T, LSI9, LSI7, RTI A7, RTI A3, CSI A4, CSI A6, F/XI A4, RTI4. That's all for now.
  • ken brydsonken brydson Posts: 6,785
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    You've been a member for 4 years. Surely you know the 100 post requirement for selling...

    HT/Main- Panny 50" G10 Plasma, Pioneer SC-1222k AVR, Panny DMP-BD60 BDP, Polk LS90 mains, CS350LS center, LS/fx side surrounds, LS50 surround backs, SVS 25-31PC+ sub, Harmony One

    Office Rig- Marantz 2252B, Denon 2910, Kenwood KD2070 TT, Polk RTA 12B's/ RTA8t
  • Mr_HzMr_Hz Posts: 127
    edited February 8
    I'm in the Seattle area... and after years of satisfied use... I have 2 pair of 1st gen SDA2's for sale. Since joining this forum a few years back... I've purchased 2pr of SDA1C's, 1pr of CRS+'s, and 1pr of the bigger bogies - SRS-2.1TL's... making my initial speakers I purchased back in the day (1980's/early 90's) rather redundant to say the least...

    Any interested parties? I'll have to refresh my inventory of parts, but I think I have upgraded tweeters for at least 1 pair, if not both. Also can send along Hurricane nuts as well. (No Larry Rings) No other hardware/crossover/cabinet upgrades made.

    Haven't gotten pics or a write up to post in the classifieds yet... slow to let these go... they've served me well.
    2.3TL's - Living Room
    CRS+'s (4.1 TL's) - Office
    SDA1C's - Famdamly Rm
    SDA1C's - Master Bedroom
  • michaeljhsda2michaeljhsda2 Posts: 1,799
    Interested in the 2.3TL's but you're too far away from me. :/ One of these days...
    SDA SRS 1.2TL's w/ RD0198-1's, Sonicap, Mills
    AI-1 Dreadnought
    SDA 1C's w/Clarity Cap ESA; PA, Mills, RD0194-1's
    SDA 1C's stock
    SDA 2B TL's w/RD0198-1's
    SDA 2's (side by side tweeters) stock
    Yaqin MC-30L integrated tube amp
    Yaqin MS-20L integrated tube amp
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