Catch 'Em All!

Caught a Dragonite and reached level 5 at the dog park this morning! Now I can say I'm heading to the Gym and not feel guilty about eating ice cream in a park.

Still not sure how much data this game is sucking down, but I know my pedometer is getting extra miles.


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    I'm not a fan, but a TON of my wife's co-workers are playing so she and I are going to join.

    My wife because shes competitive, me, because its another way to promote exercise and make it more fun for my daughter Skye...

    So while Daddy does his bike rides with Skye and Scarlet he might just be biking from spot to spot to catch em all lol...

    @codyc1ark You should have your biking crew do a Pokemon crawl... Like a healthy bar crawl, using your bikes lol...

    @ZLTFUL you should do the same... just on the "other" type of "bike" :wink:
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    Dudes, I have had my Droid now for two years and MAXed my 16gigs of storage. So I am unable to download the app. Being that I was a fan of Pokémon when I was a child, it was killing me to see all the people in DC (while walking around the city) playing the game including my friend who I brought with me. Never fear though, I am off this Saturday and will be going to Verizon to get a new Phone (because the Droid isn't expandable or else I'd keep it). I cant wait to "catch 'em all".
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    Atta boy Ken!
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    nbrowser wrote: »
    I won't be playing the "game" however I"ll gladly catch inattentive players with my truck grill with glee! :smiley:

    Can always count on you Cannucks. ;)

    Anyone see the Lightman Poke ? It's a tall hairy one chain smokin'.....look under your nearest bucket truck.
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