where to buy black paint?



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    Today started off like every other day. I went to the gym upon awakening. I'm an early bird and I'm always at the gym before the morning crowd.

    I was finished showering and began to dress when I heard what I thought to be two men speaking in hushed tones
    in the other section of lockers adjacent to my own.

    As I listened carefully to their conversation I began to realize that they were talking about the infamous "BLACK PAINT" we all are so feverishly searching for.

    I was aware they believed no one else to be in the locker rooms. I shifted my weight to get into a more comfortable positioned for I had been frozen in an awkward stance since I found the true nature of their frantic whispering.

    As I did so, my deodorant fell to the tile floor and created a loud echoing blast throught the men's bathrooms.

    All sound instantly vanished. The earth stood still. One man cleared his throat and began to assemble a new topic about the Seahawks and the Superbowl.

    I was so close.

    Wow!! Is it weird that this guy called the superbowl??!!
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 13,897
    well... things are looking up.
  • hertz9753hertz9753 Posts: 310
    Those guys in the locker room were grey's Ancient aliens that used their power to get rid of black paint and help the Seahawks win the Superbowl.

    I'm a Rams fan and I have been researching them for years...
  • vmaxervmaxer Posts: 3,693
    So......where do you get this black paint????
  • nbrowsernbrowser Posts: 6,274
    vmaxer, it's a special order, usually takes a decade for it to be formulated. Patience is a must grasshopper.
  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,023
    I just use Plasti-Dip, it's much easier to find...
  • I buy all my paint at "Wicked Awesome Paint Store" in Hampton, NH.

    It is truly wicked awesome -- black or any other color.

    However, my favorite product from the store is "Mad Dog" primer, which is absolutely essential for those of us who live in clapboard house in the great northeast! :)
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 13,897
    Go for the pastel black... it makes an artistic statement.
  • This is hands down one of the funniest threads!!!! The next one would be the subwoofer in a cardboard box!!! Maybe he can paint the cardboard box with black paint!!
    I laugh every time this comes up, guys!!!!
  • decaldecal Posts: 2,907
    Beware the dreaded black "air" hole !!!!!!!!
  • Moose68BashMoose68Bash Posts: 3,250
    I can't believe this thread is still alive and -- well -- kicking!
  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 15,902
    edited January 2015
    masterpp wrote: »
    Where can i buy black paint (store or online)? I don't know what word should I be looking for. It's for the wood.

    Why would you want to paint your wood black? It won't make it look any bigger. :D

    The guy made only 9 posts here in his short time, but he managed to leave behind a legend.
  • SeaSea Posts: 307
    It is amazing that this is probably in the top five of all threads here in terms of longevity and views. Pretty entertaining reading also....................
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 27,212
    Thought I'd bring this one back. Not because I have an affliction for Black paint, but because I have one better.....


    Now who can't use pee repellant paint ? Dog a little squirrely with his leg around your speakers ? Car gets wet when you park on the street ? How about your mailbox post every dog in the neighborhood seems to visit ? Maybe some drunk Polkies tending to relieve themselves off your deck ? The applications are too numerous to mention. ;)
  • motorhead43026motorhead43026 Posts: 1,797
    Ok, so now just pee on anything but the side of a building....lol.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 13,897
    edited July 2015
    Yeah I heard about the paint -- the physics of it perplexes me, though, I've gotta say. I'd have thought it would take something like a parabolic reflector to redirect the spray back to its source in a cohesive and impactful way (irrespective of the coating applied).

    Speaking of physics.

    Way back when (1970s) when I was at JHU, the UG physics labs were run by an amusing, avuncular guy called "Skipper". Skipper had long but thinning grey hair and was a bit of a raconteur. I remember him telling us a story one day while we were measuring "G" or something equally useful and exciting.

    Skipper, apparently, once worked at some sort of facility in a skeezy part of Baltimore -- no, "skeezy part of Baltimore" is NOT REDUNDANT! ;-)

    The place was having problems with winos urinating on the back wall of the building... so Skipper put a couple of large steel plates out there; one on the wall and one on the alley pavement. He connected both to the + and - sides of presumably something like a large Lambda HV DC power supply.

    Before long, he recounted, you could hear the winos squealing in pain and surprise as their own electrolytes closed the circuit.

    Do I believe this story? No, not really -- but... you never know.
    If nothing else, I've remembered it, vividly... since 1977.

  • tonybtonyb Posts: 27,212
    LOL....but in todays world, you'd get arrested for electrifying the urinating general public.

    Though I am a bit baffled at the use for homeless people. I mean...the whole idea is to make the urine splash back....does anyone really think they care how they smell ? Plus it will still hit the ground along with the lasting smell.

    I think it has better pet uses than people. Once your dog comes back home after a walk, smelling like pee, your gonna watch where he's relieving himself. I would think anyway. Might also be good for playground equipment, park benches, anywhere our fury friends like to use as a toilet.....which is pretty much anything.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 13,897
    Wait -- it gets better. I heard this little tidbit on the BBC World News this morning.
    Fortunately, I wasn't eating breakfast at the time :-P

    I guess I'd say NSFW, but that's not quite the right disclaimer. Let's just say it's a story along the same lines as the one discussed in the last few posts.

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    Try here..Use Horse Paint...http://www.apha.com/
  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,023
  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,023
  • Toolfan66 wrote: »

    ahhh, is the mystery of the elusive black paint been solved???????? Looks like the model has it... Funniest thread ever!!
  • VSAT88VSAT88 Posts: 477
    chefkungfu wrote: »
    Toolfan66 wrote: »

    ahhh, is the mystery of the elusive black paint been solved???????? Looks like the model has it... Funniest thread ever!!

    Ohhhhh LORDY !!

  • decaldecal Posts: 2,907
    Somebody's gonna be offended !!!!!!!!
  • NightfallNightfall Posts: 6,843
    edited December 2015
    This thread has transcended itself. One for the history books. 10 years later and it's still being posted in.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 13,897
    Is self-transcendence possible? I tried thinking about it, and things started to get all Einsteinian and stuff...
  • VSAT88VSAT88 Posts: 477
    decal wrote: »
    Somebody's gonna be offended !!!!!!!!

    Someone always is :smile: Oh, My...
  • Im offended - missed an area on her thigh.
  • westmassguywestmassguy Posts: 5,563
    I'm offended, but I still can't find any black paint.....
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