LSi-7 Too little power?Too Much?

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Hi Guys,
I am thinking about upgrading my rears to LSi 7's. I currently use LS/FX's with an Adcom 535 (60 watts x 2, 8ohm). I was just wondering if this amp will have enough juice to make the 7's sound nice at 4 ohms. Is anyone using a low powered SS amp with LSI 7's or 9's?

My second thought is, after getting the LSi'7's, I would like to hook them up to my krell Kav250a for an audition as I have heard that the LSi's like extra power. This will give them 500 watts each at 4ohm's. Will this be overkill at moderate listening levels?
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    Well, I am running 135W to my rear 7's and it is plenty of power with the bass crossed over to the SVS. I'm guessing your Adcom does at least 85W into the 7's so it should be fine (My room is 20X22 with an attached entryway and bar ~7,000+ FT^3)

    As for do the 7's like more power... Hell yeah they do! (Even at moderate levels) I hooked them up to my carver A500x amp (450W/channle @4Ohm iirc) to test break in (myth vs. reality) and the power made them sing with far more authority and control than my H&K can. I tried this in both my 2 channel and HT rooms, and the same result held. In most cases: The stronger the amp (SS here, not tubes), the better the control/sound at all volumes.
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    The 535 (original) is a great little amp... It rates for 78 watts x 2, 8 ohms - bench tested. /////

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    I just bought a pair of Lsi 7 's & a pair of B&W 686's & I'll review them next week on 3 different amps, A modified DH-220 125 Wpc @ 8 ohm, A musical design 75W A8,
    & the kicker a Behrenger KM -750 200Wpc @8 $159.99 Noisy fan amp. I'm sure this will very Interesting! My last reviews on Alons & Snells was controversial! I've had a pair of Whafedale diamond 10.2's hooked up to my Denon AV & Love them.
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    Have fun. I doubt anything you say will be "that" controversial.

    The LSi 7's have been in the wild for so long most folks know what they should and do sound like.

    One of my favorite LSi speakers honestly.
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    I have them only 2 days & I'm honestly "dumbfounded" & stunned at how good they are!! I have been working at this for 35yrs & could not afford good to great gear!
    they are so good they blow away my reference tube headphone amp &
    beyerdynamic DT 1350 headphones. Detail, tone, imageing, lifelike, true, palpable musical presentation! I have NEVER heard a speaker so good. The closest I can remember was a pair of the, then Incredible Alon 5's powered by 2 VTL monoblocks @ 6-$9000.00 system circa 1992!
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