Deal O' The Day

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    Helluva deal!
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  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 7,169
    One comment is: "I wonder how the bass is?" Hello Kitty.
  • decaldecal Posts: 3,082

    Who wants that crap when you can have real quality music ?
    If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money.
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    Woah, that thing is sweet! I should sell my SDA's and buy one of them. ;)
    Not Tom, or Trey, or Jim
    In a few days, it will be...
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    I've always thought the goal of high end audio was not to have your neighbors bang on the wall and say, 'Turn that darn music down' but to have your neighbors bang on the wall and say, 'Tell your friends to go home and you can practice later this week'.
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    Keep in mind this only plays instumentals.
    Hello Kitty has no mouth.
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