Simon and Garfunkel's "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme" coming to Mobile Fidelity SACD

Just in case any one is interested. I received an email from Music Direct (MoFi's parent company) that the SACD of "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme" is coming soon.

When Music Direct advertises it's "coming soon", I think within the next 2 weeks.


  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 7,166
    Thanks for the news. Do they have a price listed?
  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 4,712
    Nice! Finally will be able to pick up Scarborough Fair on a superior and relatively affordable format!
    Got Dayens?
  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 7,166
    I see now that its $29.99 and not multi-channel but Kevin Gray which should mean sounds real nice. I could easily spend a ton of dough on their site. Will be ordering this one, though.
  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 7,166
    Just ordered it. Lookin at some Lightnin' Hopkins too. Must resist.
  • stuweestuwee Posts: 1,534
    I'd love to hear it up against my garage sale $1 first pressing Lp. Amazing recording, sonics and soundstage. 'Bout time someone got ahold of that master tape to do this one.
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  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 40,365
    I pre-ordered the vinyl.
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