Amphion Helium 410 bookshelf speakers (and Amphion cables!)

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Anyone have any experience with these cool looking Amphion Helium 410 speakers?



Just saw these in my latest Turntable Lab email. - $750/pair

Interesting specs:

Operating principle
Two-way, vented
1″ titanium tweeter
4½” paper woofer
4 kg (9 lbs)
Crossover point
1600 Hz
86 dB
Frequency response
60 – 20.000 Hz ±3dB
Power recommendation
20 – 80 W

Handmade in Finland

Looks like they also offer some pricey $350/2.5m (pair) speaker cables to go with them:

Got Dayens?


  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 18,271
    Those cables are basically over-priced Kimber 4TC
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    Amphion is a brand that still might eventually make it on my list of brands. Darn fine speakers.

    As far as the cables, I’m not sure how an assumption can be made without further investigation. I don’t know anything about the cables, only the speakers.

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    Great looking bookies for sure.
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    I thought they were pretty much the same as Kimber, but then I read that the 4TC uses "hyper-pure copper", and these say "constructed from silver-coated, hand-braided copper". So the metallurgy appears to be different. Would be cool to A/B them.
    Got Dayens?
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