Samatha Fish

I saw her live last week. She puts on a great show and a darn good guitarist. My wife picked up one of her lp's. While it sounds good, live is definitely the way to hear her.
Solid horn section and good stage presence.

We got turned onto her music at a Joanne Shaw Taylor concert. The folks we were by were talking with my wife on Beth Hart's music and said since you like both Beth and Joanne you should go check out Samantha. We looked up a few videos and found out she was playing at a free concert in the park in Galva Illinois. My wife is from that area so we made a weekend trip to see her.
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    Check out Girls with Guitars featuring Samantha Fish
    Seen here a couple of times can't wait to see her again a couple of autographed items. If she is nearby playing dont hesitate to see her and the band.
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    I just saw her about ten days ago at a free concert in a community bandshell, awesome show with a big crowd of satisfied people.
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    Hate to say it, but sounds like a stage name....and not one of those more glorious stages either. :)
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    Whatever bro, you skipped out on me and russ for [email protected]!?!?!?!

    I will give you a pass this time around lol....
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