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    Unless you have another job to step into, you would be smart to stay. Money is money, you have to use common sense. Your pride and ego will NOT pay the bills.

    You have no idea how long it is going to take you to get another job. for a good many people it can take a year or more, and unemployment payments are tiny compared to what you are making right now so you better have enough in the bank to get you through.

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    I'd keep making the EXTRA BONUS money until the job runs out.

    You're now making more than you would have before the announcements. I'd be happy as can be to have it extended even longer. Heck, they might offer you a permanent job again after November with the higher pay implemented. :p
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    I was in this same situation about 18 months ago. The closer it got to the end date the more control I had in the situation.

    Strange thing is that I still work for them in a higher position with a very good future plan.

    You never know how these things will play out. I would stick it out to the end. But I would be looking for a job during that time. If something comes up then take it. If not see how things progress.
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    Any update Clip?
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    So, I wasn't factoring in a higher tax percentage being applied, due to the money being cut in a larger lump sum. So, it would realistically probably be closer to $3-4k vs. $5k.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for weighing in with some opinions and options.

    Another suggestion made to me was to not sign a new agreement, and stay on until September 15th as currently planned. Informing them that if they still would like my professional services, they can hire me on as a contractor for $XX/hour after September 15th.
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    And here I thought you were just going to move on and burn all your bridges.
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    There's some uncertainty that I can "quit" and still receive a severance. It's a gray area, as nothing indicating that is in writing, only verbal.
    Don’t step off the dock until the boat’s there.
    Use this time to actively search for something else while you still have a job. Once you find it, then quit.

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    Clipdat wrote: »
    There's some uncertainty that I can "quit" and still receive a severance. It's a gray area, as nothing indicating that is in writing, only verbal.
    Don’t step off the dock until the boat’s there.
    Use this time to actively search for something else while you still have a job. Once you find it, then quit.

    If it's not in writing it's worthless. I don't like playing games, so I'd just find a new job & move on.
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    The one contrarian comment I'd offer on this situation is the old bromide:
    It is always easier to find a new job when one is employed.
    (or words to that effect :) )

    This is something to keep in mind, I'd opine, strategically when considering the job hunt strategy going forward.

    Oh, I will echo that any "offer" not in writing is, unfortunately, 100% worthless. :( Is it an organization that has given you (the OP) good reason to trust them? Only the OP can make that decision, of course.

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    If you quit, unemployment benefits are a lot harder to get.

    Getting fired or laid off, the process starts immediately.

    Your getting a paycheck now with a friken bonus check on top of that. yea, look for another job with your current boss if that works out, but maybe this company your working for is weeding out people who don't want to work there.

    They just offered to keep you on longer so they value YOU!

    Think about it, but not too long or the opportunity might vanish. More paychecks! ;)

    Sure, look for another job but there's always unemployment checks. A lot of people transition between jobs getting U.B. for a period. You've paid into the system and your employer has paid into the system. If you need to file, file. Keep looking and maybe, all this will be for nothing and they'll keep you on with a higher pay in November! :)
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    Clipdat wrote: »
    Just realized I forgot to reply to this. I'm in the IT field, located in California.
    Sorry to hear bud, may I ask what you did or have experience in? Do you happen to be in Texas or Arizona? My company is hiring like crazy, we have a great work environment and growing year after year. We are in the Online Education field so lots of different positions open.

    Dang, we have a position open in California but it isn't for Technology!
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    Sorry to hear about your troubles Clipdat....that's stress nobody wants for sure.

    My best friend has been working for his company for about 15 years, they said they were laying off about 60% of their workforce. He said he was going to need to look for another job but when the hammer came down, it was him and a few of his workers that made the cut, so needless to say he was relieved.

    I wish you the best of luck and hopefully when all the smoke clears, that you are still employed there if that's what you want. But I agree, don't open the door if you haven't been asked to leave.

    Finger crossed for you.
  • DerfDerf Posts: 170
    Clipdat wrote: »
    So, I wasn't factoring in a higher tax percentage being applied, due to the money being cut in a larger lump sum. So, it would realistically probably be closer to $3-4k vs. $5k.
    But that’s just withholding; your refund for 2018 will be larger is all, or your final payment to the KGB, I mean IRS, will be less. So don’t sweat the tax part. I’d concentrate more on finding a new job AND showing the new owners why they need to keep you on. Two companies vying for your services makes your price increase.

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    Steve Miller asked me t pass along some wise advice...

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    Clipdat wrote: »
    The higher ups called me into a meeting at 4:30pm today, (seriously who schedules a meeting at 4:30pm?) and told me that they now want me to stay on until November 30th. With the same "extra week's pay for every two weeks worked" deal that I'm currently doing.

    I told them I'd get back to them.

    What the hell? From the short discussion I had with them after this offer, it's abundantly clear that they have no transition plan in place and are completely flailing and flopping around like a fish out of water in terms of how they're going to accomplish the transition.

    Do I really want to stay on to hold their hand and spoon feed them for 5.5 weeks worth (September 15th to November 30th is 11 weeks) of extra pay? My gut says it's not worth the money.

    Stay and get as much as you can. More time for the job search and not having to jump on an offer because your not working.
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    Aaaand more money for audio gear. B)
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