Vintage Pres Speakers from Massachusetts

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I know there are some other folks who hail from western mass where I grew up... and lots of knowledgable folks here... does anyone remember or ever heard of Pres Speakers? They used to be based out of Northampton Mass.

Hearing those speakers was my first real exposure to audiophile gear.... I was in jr. high and had heard about this cool stereo shop... turns out it was the Pres HQ...

Over the years I've never run into anyone who's ever heard of, let alone owned a set of these speakers. I never see them for sale on any forums... and for a long time I believed the whole thing was a figment of my imagination... Especially since for the longest time I couldn't remember the name of the speakers.

A few years ago I finally tracked the company down and it looks like the dude still makes speakers and services his vintage models... even though the website looks circa 1997 it looks like it's been updated as recently as 2015

So I'm curious... anyone here ever heard of these speakers? ever heard them? every owned a set? know anyone who does?

From what I recall... I was pretty amazed at how good they sounded... I remember whatever gear he had hooked up looked pretty futuristic... it might have been my first exposure to linear tracking turntables as well....

I would imagine that since I'm on the west coast now I'll never see a pair but I'm still interested if anyone here has had any experiences with them...

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