Sony 125 watt Powered Subwoofers - Model SA WM-500

Both work perfectly. Local pickup in St. Louis. $75.00 each OBO 9e6uvtopfxkc.jpg op45gfd1p4s5.jpg

SDA SRS 1.2TL's w/ RD0198-1's, Sonicap, Mills
AI-1 Dreadnought
SDA 1C's w/Clarity Cap ESA; PA, Mills, RD0194-1's
SDA 1C's stock
SDA 2B TL's w/RD0198-1's
SDA 2's (side by side tweeters) stock
Yaqin MC-30L integrated tube amp
Yaqin MS-20L integrated tube amp


  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 4,828
    I have the 10" front ported version of this sub, and I've always thought it did an admirable job for HT and music. It's fast enough to keep up with music, in my experience.
    Got Dayens?
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