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Hello all, frustrated Polk owner. Actually, on my 4th SB1 soundbar with Omni S2 wireless speakers. For me, I paid a lot of money for this system and have been far from impressed with this. Luckily, I bought a warranty for this and Best Buy have been taking very good care of me. On to my issue, just came home from a nice weekend. Turn the TV and Soundbar on and what do you know, an issue…. The soundbar keeps beeping every 5-10 seconds with a green light on the front. I’ve unplugged this a few times to no avail, checked for updates and swore on the app (Which is horrible FYI) it said update available. Yet when I searched for the update, it said all up to date.

What can I do to just make this work again, because it cuts the sound off when watching something in order to chime on me. I’m getting ready to bring this outside and Office Space it!!!

Any help I can get from anyone would be greatly appreciated!! I think once I do fix this , I am going to sell it. Can’t take this anymore!
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    Wow 22 views and not 1 single response?! I must be right with my original thinking. Take this pile of junk back to BB and get something else!
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    Sorry you're having a problem. I'll ask a friend of mine, at Polk, to contact you via email.
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    Wow 22 views and not 1 single response?! I must be right with my original thinking. Take this pile of junk back to BB and get something else!

    This forum is more for the users of Polks gear, and there aren’t many staff members commonly online other than Ken who posted above. They will get you in touch with Polks CS, which from my experience is best in the business!
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