Crossover for RTA12B



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    Yes non directional
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    I have 12C's that came with the SL1000 tweeter. It's pretty much universally reviled around here, but I never heard the harshness so many complain about. I rebuilt the Xovers, built a new wire harness out of OCC copper wire, installed blackhole, epoxied the woofer magnets and replaced the binding posts with Cardas billet copper. Big improvement! Finally decided to replace the SL 1000's with RD-0194's and it took the sound to another level in imaging, smoothness and detail.

    Since the 12B's and C's are supposed to be identical you might want to try 194's.
    "Science is suppose to explain observations not dismiss them as impossible" - Norm on AA; 2.3TL's w/sonicaps/mills/jantzen inductors, Gimpod's boards, Lg Solen SDA inductors, RD-0198's, MW's dynamatted, Armaflex speaker gaskets, H-nuts, brass spikes, Cardas CCGR BP's, upgraded IC Cable, Black Hole Damping Sheet strips, interior of cabinets sealed with Loctite Power Grab, AI-1 interface with 1000VA A-L transformer
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