Nice Score at the Church Garage Sale

stretchlstretchl Posts: 887
The church and school across the street from us has a huge "garage sale" at the beginning of each summer. Paying the $2 required to get in a day early paid off this year. I picked up the following in very good condition for $80:

• Technics SL-PD787 5 disc changer

• Technics SA-GX690 AV control receiver

• Denon AVR-3806 7.1 CH/5.1+2 CH Home Theater A/V, Surround Receiver

• Velodyne DLS-3500R subwoofer

I'm probably going to sell the Technics and Denon units (we don't really do home theater), but I'm wondering if I could (and if I can if I should) try the sub with my two channel system.



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  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 17,849
    Seems to be a fairly low end sub, and boomy from what I read about it. You should try it, but I think it lacks the refinement and speed needed to be a good sub for music.
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  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 4,209
    Nice score! Congrats on the Velodyne!

    I used to use a Velodyne CT-120 for music and it seemed to keep up just fine, but I think generally they are better suited in a HT environment. Still great quality subs though!
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  • stretchlstretchl Posts: 887
    Thanks, John. So it's safe to hook it directly up to my two channel amp, the Yaqin @ 52 wpc?
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  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 1,405
    My comment disappeared, sorry if a double post comes around.
    I say try it, if you don't like it, you can sell it.
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  • joecoulsonjoecoulson Posts: 259
    I love scores like that.
    Should be able to get money back and more for the Denon alone.
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  • stretchlstretchl Posts: 887
    Well I don’t think I need any more bass now. Just hooked up the Modwright Oppo 105 and wow. The lsim-705’s sound so much better. Real bass.

    I’m not sure if the difference is a result of the 105’s DAC or something else internal, but I’ve only tested it with CD’s and prior to the purchase of only streamed lossless files via a squeezebox touch and a TubeDac-09. Will be very interesting to use the oppo as a streaming device to make the comparison between that and the cd’s. But the cd’s sound fab.
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