Shunyata Typhon QR incoming

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For once, I am going to audition a piece of gear before I buy it. While I have the Typhon v1 in use with the Triton v3 power distributor, the $9K list price of the Typhon QR is a bit high for me to blindly upgrade. I asked my dealer if I could demo one, and Shunyata agreed, so it will be here Wednesday. I know what I will be doing Friday and Saturday night. If it works as expected then I will get it. Then I will send my Typhon v1 in for a QR upgrade, and add it to the HT Triton v3. Hopefully, this will be a win/win for both systems.

With the new Lumin X1 being released soon, this will be an expensive summer, but should take the stereo system up a notch. Plus I can then move the Lumin S1 into the HT, so that system will be getting used for music again. It’s been two years since I last used it for music.

This will free up a Bryston BDA-1 file player, and an Auralic Vega DAC. These will go up for sale at a good price. Contact me if you are interested.


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    Shunyata power cords are very impressive looking. My friend has a few and it is nice.

    GL with the QR, gonna be an expensive summer indeed.
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    Dude, $9k?
    Your system is already there!
    Eggnest that coin!
    Weird world we are living in, invest wisely!
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    Buy one & we will reverse engineer & build one on the cheap. B)
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