Happy 100th Birthday to the flip-flop! (nt)

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Not talkin' footware here, we're talkin' basic, enabling electronic circuitry for the "digital revolution". 100 years old this month! I didn't even send a card :p


Thanks to Gary Kaufman for the link :)



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    I thought this thread would be about those things you wear on your feet that trip and try to kill you.
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    Those batteries aren't 100yrs old lol
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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Those batteries aren't 100yrs old lol

    They are new old stock.
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    100 years old and it hasn't caught fire yet! B)

    Goes to show you, some designs just work right forever.

    Makes me think of that light bulb in that Firehouse that still burned for over 100 years I think. It might still be burning bright.
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