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I am going to try HD Tracks for the first time. Thry want me to select either-AIFF, ALAC, FLAC or WAV. I don't no one from another. What should I do?


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    The cost is the same regardless. Any of those versions can be converted to another version after downloading using JRiver or some similar media player. I just download the WAV version since it's the largest and universally supported, although it's entirely possible the files they have may have originated in the FLAC format when they received them from the music publisher. AIFF and ALAC are Apple specific formats, although they play on a Windows PC too. All are lossless formats, although ALAC and FLAC require "unpacking" on the fly for playback. AIFF is the Apple version of WAV.

    I usually convert a WAV file to FLAC and MP3 once I get it so I can use it on a portable player, in the car, on a smartphone, etc. I archive everything in the WAV format, so it's an easy decision for me to download the WAV files from HDTracks.
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    I usually go for FLAC because it contains metadata.
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    If you're not using apple products, then FLAC will work fine. If you're using iTunes/apple products then stick with ALAC.
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    i use flac almost exclusively. if you are using a mac clementine is free... plays flac native... and imho better than itunes.... plus Wi-Fi remote available....
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