small victory for the underdog

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i think i'm the quintessential budget audiophile. i refuse to pay more than $500 bucks for any piece of gear ever... and as such there are limitations to the kind of system i can build. getting into tube amps seemed like a far away unobtainable goal a few years ago... but through diligence and some dumb luck/timing i've managed to replace both my pre-amp and amp with halfway decent tube gear... and then upgrading my DAC and my speakers within the past year have really taken the system to the next level. i feel very fortunate to have come across some sellers in the past few years who were very generous with the pricing of their used gear... none of the equipment i've picked up i would have been able to afford had the sellers been seeking full retail... in a few instances... like with my amplifier and my B&W's i was lucky to find gentlemen who were in the midst of downsizing and cared more about the gear going to a good home... with someone with a passion for the hobby... than they did the $.

i've got a buddy who's a live and studio sound engineer... 20+ years in the business... he frequently and with great skepticism scoffs at my audiophile declarations, adventures and peculiarities... but he's heard pretty much every system I've had here in this space and he agrees that the current set up is far superior to anything i've had before. In fact, unknowingly he paid my current rig a big compliment... the other day.... we were at a high end audio store.... checking out the gear... browsing and admiring... he can appreciate the build quality of the high end stuff... even though the makes and models mean nothing to him... the active rig was a pair of KEF R700's two D'Agostino Momentum mono blocks and a Moodwright LS 100 pre-amp. Not sure what the source was... something streaming I believe, digital for sure...

Of course that system blows mine out of the water... in every possible category... not to mention costing many multiples of 10 more than my gear... but... in the end... unsolicited... my buddy said he thought my set up sounded better... especially the bottom end... Couldn't help but feel good about that... even though i know the reality of the situation is that that set up in the shop was a. turned all the way down... audible but not anywhere near optimum volume for the room or the gear and b. the speakers weren't really positioned at all for optimum listening relative to our seating position... and most of all c. on paper and in every conceivable category in real life my gear is nowhere near as good collectively as the speaker wires were on the set up in the shop... let alone the sum total of all the gear hooked up to those wires...

regardless i'm calling it a win and taking the victory lap for all the budget audiophiles out there... my piecemeal set up cobbled together with luck and some good fortune which cost me in total less than price of the speakers we were listening to... was a dragon slayer in this round.
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    Sometimes it's more about the total system, how it all interacts together, than the individual matter how "great they are." Congrats on the good deals that allowed you to put together a nice system.
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