Deciding on Polk center speaker S30 vs CSiA4

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I recently bought a packaged deal consisting of an Onkyo TX-686 receiver paired with Polk Signature S55 tower speakers and polk HTS 12 subwoofer. I need to buy a center speaker. The series match is the S30 center speaker (No S35 because of budget constraint) but is it mandatory. The S30 costs about $149 but the Polk Audio CSi10 is $99. The Polk Audio AM3365-A TL3 is around $145. Seeing the specs, I do not see much difference in TL3 vs S55 vs A4. (1) Is it important to have match center in same series for timbre effect. Polk does mention speakers of different models also match with each other (2) Any thoughts opinions on TL3 vs S30 vs CSi10.


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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    Yes, in this case I would get the matching center. As you can see from my sig I don't think the front three half to match, but the S30 is the superior center of the three. (Your post is a little confusing because you are mixing up series - there is no CSi10, but there is a CS10, and the CSiA4 is better). The TL3 is just too small and will have to be crossed over really high, don't bother. Get the biggest baddest center you can afford. The center and the sub and the two hardest working speakers in the home theater.

    If you can up to a CSi5 that would be my suggestion. It isn't an exact match but it is a significantyly bigger and better center:
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    I am using an s30 center with s60 towers. Get the s30 you will not regret it
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    Hello and welcome,

    I have the S30, got it with my S60 package deal. I built my TV stand for a big center so the S30 looked a little funny. I used a TSX-250C for a bit, nice big center that looked good but was step behind the S30. I picked up a CSi-A6 on CL for $70 and love it. Ran Audyssey and it blends very nice. My advice is look for a good used CSi-5 or CSi-A6.

    If you're in SoCal I will sell you my CSi-A4 or TSX-250C for dirt cheap.
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    Welcome and congrats on your new speakers. I have the s35 with box and packaging sitting in my closet. Willing to sell, if interested pm me.
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    Thank you very much for the quick response and replies. Very useful indeed. @rooftop59 - yes, i did mix the CSi10 and A4 - lol. I will consider the CSi5 and check it out.
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