Should I return my Signa S1 if the optical cable does not produce red light?

I purchased a new Signa S1 sound bar and correctly connected everything with my Sony Bravia television. I see red light emitted from the optical cable when connected to the TV, but there is no light from the cable when connected to the soundbar with the power on and optical cable selected as input. It plays via bluetooth and also will play with the AUX connection, but my AUX connection is actually a headphone connection and it reduces certain settings when you utilize that plug. Thanks for your help.


  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 414
    If I understand your question correctly, when the cord is plugged in to the tv you can see the red light on the other side, but not the same when it’s plugged into the soundbar?
    I believe that the soundbar shouldn’t actually produce any light as it is receiving the signal and not sending it.
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  • SugarmillManSugarmillMan Posts: 175
    I would like to know the answer to this, as well. Anyone else have a thought?
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    You'll only get light from the optical cable when it's connected to a source. The soundbar is NOT a source.
  • shelbyhshelbyh Posts: 3
    SugarmillMan, thanks I agree, so any insight as to why it would not produce sound if I see light on the far end when connected to my TV? Wondering if I need to return it as the receiving portion of the soundbar may be failing I gather. Thoughts?
  • nguyendotnguyendot Posts: 3,583
    Did you plug the receiving end of the cable into another device that did produce sound?
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    This is actually my only optical connection device in my house
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