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Hello all,
I just upgraded to the Xbox one X from the original One. The Design is totally different and in way I feel it looks cheaper despite it's $499 cost.
But in terms of performance it's a no contest . I wanted to get one anyway as I'm moving to 4k video once I settle on a damn TV. I really want a OLED but I also feel they are not ready for prime time. I'm so on the fence trying to own a LED.

Anyway I also didn't just upgrade to upgrade to prepare for 4k. I also had an issue with my One that I thought it was finished. What would happen is you would turn it on it would get to the Xbox One green screen and then the One would shut off. I researched it , learned all the things you can do or why it would do that and I couldn't get it to work. Easy fix to get the One X but when I did the I learned why the One was shutting off.
I have a 2TB external Western Digital Hard drive that I used for external storage on the One. I loaded all my games on that and it really made a speed improvement over using the internal hard drive.
Lately it wouldn't connect to the one and I would have to power cycle the drive and then it would work. Well it completely failed and having it connected to the One made it shut off during boot up. I didn't know this until I connected the drive to the One X and it did the same thing. As soon as I removed the drive, both the One and One X works as they should.
I was kinda pissed about it and really not to much other then I couldn't just connect it to the One X and have all my games ready. I had to load the ones I'm playing right now onto the Internal drive of the One X. It has a 1TB drive so that cool for now and with One X seems to load as fast as the One with the external drive. I'm assuming since it has a much better spec this is the reason.
Anyway I just wanted to share that with anyone who thinks their One is broke and is using a external hard drive. Disconnect the external hard drive and see if it fixes your issue.
My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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