Can anyone tell me how to reset or reprogram the factory remote for my magnifi mini soundbar?

My factory remote on my magnifi mini stopped working. I changed the batteries and checked the remote with my camera on my phone. It's sending a signal.
I was on the phone with Polk customer service for 20 minutes yesterday, but I had to leave for work and the rep was moving so slowly, I couldn't wait for him.


  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,404
    The first thing to do is erase any stored remote instructions. To do this place the bar in the standby mode using the on/off button found on the left of the bar. Then push and hold for 10 seconds the source button, which is to the right of the on/off button on the bar. The LEDs should flash amber colored and then turn white, indicating that the bar has erased any stored memory. Now it should respond to the factory remote.
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