LSi9 vs LSi15



  • Nick_VNick_V Posts: 11
    Main System: 2 channel/HT (Separate Signal Paths):
    Vizio P70 4K TV. KEF LS50 L/C/R Speakers. KEF Q100 Surround L/R, Mirage BPS 400 Subwoofer. Velodyne SPL-800R Subwoofer. Denon AVR-X3200. Wyred4Sound STP-SE Preamp. Blue Circle BC 24 Hybrid Amp. Cambridge DACMagic +. Oppo BDP-83. Sound Application CF-X Conditioner. Bybee AC Filters. GIK Acoustics Panels
    Samsung 47" Smart TV. Polk Audio LSi 9. Martin Logan Dynamo 700W Subwoofer. Anthem MRX-300. Denon DVD-3910
    KEF Egg Wireless Speakers. Totem Kin Sub. miniDSP DDRC-22D Dirac Live Processor. Yulong P-18 Conditioner. GIK Acoustics Panels
    Living Room (Lifestyle):
    Vizio M55 4K HDR/DV TV. GoldenEar 3D Array X. Rythmik L-12 Subwoofer
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