Csi A6 Centre Channel Not Working

Accidentally touched a usb cable to one of the speaker jacks and suddenly no sound from centre channel. Is their a fuse in the centre channel, if not what can I do.


  • deronb1deronb1 Posts: 4,271
    There is not. Hopefully you didnt blow a channel in your AVR
  • 071863071863 Posts: 2
    I noticed the amp had shut down at the same time. The next morning I turned the amp back on, put the speaker cable back into the centre channel and it worked fine.
  • la2vegasla2vegas Posts: 2,745
    All's well that ends well. :*
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  • tonybtonyb Posts: 29,577
    You probably tripped a protection circuit in the AVR. Shutting it down for a period of time resets it. Don't do that again, make sure all your gear is off before moving cables around. Consider yourself lucky this time you caused no damage. Go play the lottery. :)
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