Rega P3 latest version

I have for sale two Rega P3's one in red and one in white brand new in the box no cartridge full warranties. The picture is of the red one removed from the box to put the Denon Cart on and displayed it in my record store.
650.00 each plus shipping or add a cart for the price below
Can add a Denon DL-110 for 950.00 total
Elys 2 800.00 total
Exact 2 1050.00 totaldqx6ksu5pxvp.jpg


  • mrbironmrbiron Posts: 4,556
    Hmm....where is local?
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  • MontoyaMontoya Posts: 462
    I’m in Houston but it’s not just a local sale I can ship them.
  • MontoyaMontoya Posts: 462
    White table sold to Brigglebeans.
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