Center Speaker Match for the Monitor 60 series II Floor Standing Speakers

Hi everybody. I have a set of Monitor 60 series II for my front speakers, I'm trying to find an appropriate center speaker to go with it. From all I have read the CS2 was the best match of the speakers. All I can find for sale right now is the CS1 and the Monitor 15C and the Monitor 25C. I'd like something a little bigger than the CS1 and so I was thinking about the Monitor 25C but I don't want to substitute timbre for size. Can anyone help me out?


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,331
    Monitor 40 on it's side?
  • That might work. I'll consider that. Thank you.
  • Jimbo18Jimbo18 Posts: 1,725
    I have never heard it, but it looks like the Monitor 25C tweeter is a better match to the Monitor 60's than the C2 is.
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  • That's good to know. Thanks a bunch.
  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 1,340
    Look for TSX 250C.
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