polk audio sda 2.3 upgrade

Hi ,I bought a pair of 2.3 s about two years ago rebuilt the cross-overs using sonicaps , solens , and audiophile grade resistors .I replaced all 6 tweeters with the 194 s . I stayed to original design and the speakers sound very , very good. now I am wondering if the sound would be that much better if I change the tweeters to the 198 s . is it worth it ?


  • these are not the TL models
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    No. It's more than just changing the Tweeters. The 2.3tls, which take the 198s, have completely different crossovers, and driver compliments. Enjoy your 2.3s as they are, the 194s are great tweeters.
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  • thanks . they are amazing speakers. they do everything well .the sound stage and imaging is magical ! I became curious about the tls because I hear they sound even better .that's hard for me to imagine so I was going to change tweeters to get that better sound .still , I don't want to get deep into re-engineering
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