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I'm looking at new TV's and have strong options of what I think it the right move. Since I'm still a Plasma guy( Pioneer Elite Kuro ) I'm having a difficult time switching to LED. The OLED sets from LG and Sony are pretty fantastic looking but the Sony XBR LED's make a strong case for being the superior choice.
I'm considering a 65-75 inch model.
I like the Z9D from Sony which you can get in 65 or 75 inch. It's basically last years model but can be upgraded to Dobly Vision since it has the Xtreme Processor in it.
I also really like the Sony OLED in a 65 inch size. The 77 inch is well lets just say a bit out of my price range that I'm willing to spend on a new TV.
The Sony 930E 65 inch and the 940E 75 Inch Tv's seem to be the best bang for the buck. The model numbers are different but they are the exact TV just different sizes and 1 down from the flagship Z9D model according to Sony.

The LG's are cheaper but look pretty fantastic. I don't know if they are the way to go or not. Some say they are better then the Sony but I'm not so sure I fall for that. I think the Sony XBR lineup has better processors and a better picture.

What is your opinion of the Higher end market on Tv's in the 65-75 inch range? Just so you know I hate Samsung.
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    Believe the Sony 940 is back lit, while the 930's are edge lit. That back lit gives better black levels.

    The Z9D series is really impressive. Think it's right there with any OLED on the market. Of course Sony knows that and wants a premium for it.

    Unfortunately I haven't looked at the 930 or 940 series, so I really can't give an opinion on them, and may just hesitate to buy until I looked at them. Unless I got a great deal on something else.

    Think I would lean more toward the Sony 65Z9D than the OLED TVs. Technology is still relatively new, so there isn't any real world experience with life span. May or may not be burn in issues, not enough real world experience in that area either. Have heard that there has Benin occasional reports of temporary burn in issues, but not many.

    As far as Sony's OLED, the speaker incorporated into the actual screen is an interesting idea, but is it going to affect picture life span. Not that I would personally ever use a TV's speakers, but just having the design could very well impact lifespan. Again, just hasn't been available long enough to evaluate this issue.

    Think right now I would go LED.
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    I'm in the same boat Mantis. Difficult decision. The LCD LED are plagued with a poor viewing angle, and for some reason that just irks me.

    My Pioneer plasma and Samsung plasma are going strong and look terrific.
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    Pretty sure the 930 has an array. I have a 900 and it has an array. Local dimming doesn't work with edge lit and both of those sets have it. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x930e

    I agree. LED for now until OLED gets cheaper/more mainstream.

    Edit: You guys are right, 930E is edge lit. My bad.
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    930 is edge while 940 is array

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    I have had the Sony 75” Z9D for a year, and an Oppo 203. I absolutely love it. It is like being at the movies, and I haven’t seen a thing yet to complain about. I just received Terminator 2 in 4K UHD, and am ready to be impressed once again.

    I paid $9K last November, but you can get it for $7K now. My thinking was/is I want to enjoy it now, not a year from now just to save a few dollars.

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    I'm in the same boat. This coming year I want to replace my Samsung plasma. NOTHING is wrong with it, but I want a larger screen.

    I've seen the Sony OLED in action and it is AMAZING, I have not seen the Z9D series in person though.

    As for LG, the only reason that some people seem to like LG over Sony is the fact that Sony uses an Android OS and it sucks. I have the Android OS on my Sony 4K display in my 2ch system and I'm not a fan.

    Everything else I can find usually says that the Sony picture is better, but the LG OS is better. For me, the picture quality is everything, so Sony it is for me. Besides, I want to stick to my "No More LG For Me" stance I adopted when they screwed me over on my washing machine years ago...
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    The Z9D is incredible. It's damn near plasma like and amazingly close to the performance of the OLED. For LED it's the best one ever made in my opinion.
    The XBR75X940E is damn close to it's performance for a lot less money. Since the 940E is this years model, I will say it's the best 2017 model LED I've seen.
    But the OLED Sony keeps calling to me like thats the one I should have. I can get into the 65 but the 75 is a stretch. The Z9D is way more affordable at the 75 inch size and the 940E is a steal compared to both the OLED and Z9D.
    I'm strongly leaning towards the 940E.
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    I've had eyes on a lot of TVs over the past few years. Lots of love on this forum for the Sony models - always has been. They have a very natural look right out of the box. Personally, any of the higher-end models from what I think of as The Big 3 (Sony, Samsung, and LG) are really very good. It's really just a matter of personal preference. You seem to like Sony, so go for it. I have 2 LG OLED TVs and absolutely love them. I've seen a lot of Samsung SUHD and QLED models and they're fantastic, too, if not a little bright right out of the box. Fact is, they can all be adjusted to suit preferences. TEHO I say.
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    For me the Sony's have it in spades.
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    I just went with the 940E it is an amazing TV. I have a buddy with a Z9 and it is better but not $2500 better. He also works for BB so he paid a lot less.
    I find the black level better then my Panasonic VT so it was worth it. It will get the DV update in January too.
    I output my Oppo 203 in source direct and the Sony processor is awesome.

    We watched Mummy last night and the picture is great. I also like the Live football mode for sports its does well with motion blur.
    Best bang for buck in 2017. Go Z9 if funds are not an issue.
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    I've had the 65" LG OLED C7 now for over 6 months. If you're looking for a television to produce one of the best picture qualities out there, this is your choice. The features lend it to being somewhat future proof. Plus having the ability to send Atmos over ARC is nice. These days you can get the 65" for a reasonable price as well. I wish I could have went bigger but OLED is a very expensive pay to play type of investment, at least for me.
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