2.3TL and 1.2TL updates

I figured I would carry over the updates from the FS thread below to a new one.


My friend is doing an all out remodeling project so I got my carpet sliders back for a day before Thanksgiving. I decided to move the 1.2's in place first since once the 2.3's are in place they will be there for a while, the SDA cable for my 1C's was already there, and the less shuffling of speakers around the better.

The highs of the 1.2's are better than I thought, but a bar stool height is a little better as mentioned in the other thread. The very low bass is heaven compared to the 1C's, although as others have mentioned, and I have to agree, in stock form it seams a little thick, and in some cases not so tight. These SL3000's sound better than the ones in my 11TL's. I really only got a few hours of critical listening, and 1 day of enjoying the power and volume while walking around busy with other things.

I hope to be listening to the 2.3's by Christmas.


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    What do you attribute the "not so tight" bass response to in your circumstance?
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    I am not sure of the specific cause. It could be just the size and it is stock. I played a little with the distance from the wall and while that did affect the bass volume and response in some cases it still sounded a little mushy. These look in amazing shape and appear to still be well sealed as best I can tell. Adding BH5 like people talk about may solve the issue. I don't recall if these have polyfill too. I'll be real curious once I get to hear the 2.3's.

    One other major difference from the 1C's is the spacing between the stereo and dimensional drivers does widen the sound stage as expected. Some things sound a little better, but I think these need to be in a larger room. (They will eventually). I am at a slightly under 3' from the side wall and the minimum center spacing. They are blocking the corners of the TV, and the 2.3's will as well. The 1C's just fit within the space and do better in the smaller room as far as the SDA experience goes. It makes me wonder how 1C's and SRS-2's would compare and what space they really need.
    pkquat wrote: »
    I got my carpet sliders back for a day before Thanksgiving.
    Before Thanksgiving I got my carpet sliders back for one day and loaned them back. I should have them back before Christmas.
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    I'm assuming if you still have SL3000's in the 1.2's that you have not yet upgraded the XO's? If so, the bass you are describing sounds much like my 2.3's pre XO upgrade. Probably the old caps. Other things to look at would be spikes or putting something solid under them. Granite slabs worked great for mine.
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    When I first got my 2.3TL's this is what I posted.

    "I did some more listening last night. In their stock form I find them sluggish, muffled and veiled. They have nice mids and vocals sound good. Top and bottom end is not extended. I am writing these notes so I can come back to them as the rebuild progresses."

    Then I changed the tweeters to 198's and this is what I posted.

    "I swapped the tweeters to RD0198s. Right out of the box they kill the SL3000s. I did not realize how much of an impact they would have on sluggish bass."
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    machone wrote: »
    "I swapped the tweeters to RD0198s. Right out of the box they kill the SL3000s. I did not realize how much of an impact they would have on sluggish bass."

    Strange that the tweeters would effect the bass. I am trying to process how. Oddly I have found the SL3000 tweeters decent so far. Both in my 11TL's and now in the 1.2's. The SL2500's were horrible. I have some 198's that replaced SL2500's in some M5's and M5jr's. The crossovers in the M5's have been rebuilt but still need more break in as do the tweeters. The M5jr's crossovers are still stock. The 198's are smoother and detailed, but IMO so far the SL3000 isn't bad by any means and I haven't gotten fatigued by them during the day.

    I should have the carpet sliders back this weekend. I really what to hear what a finished set and further broken in set of Polks sound like.
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