PSW 125 sub woofer reliability

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My Psw125 amp is bad and out of warranty...I have read many posts that this is a common has Polk Audio changed the design of this amp? I don't want to order one if it will fail just like the old amp! Thanks for any advice!Dave

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    I have a PSW125B that was purchased new in 2008. a month or two out of warranty the amp failed. I read a bunch of complaints on the internet (user reviews) about amps failing on that model. I called Polk and ordered a new amp, around the $100 range if memory serves. When the amp arrived it was completely different. It also wouldn't fit in the recession, I had to take a wood plane and shave about 1mm off of each side. Also the screw holes were in different locations and had to drill new holes. I no longer use that sub, but it worked flawlessly after the replacement, but to me it didn't seem as powerful. Could have just been my imagination. I have a picture of the two amps side by side. If I find it, I'll post it here, so you'll know if you have the older of the two. I'll look for it later today/tonight. When I ordered the amp, CS never mentioned an issue with that model, so a lot of the issues may have been due to over driving the amp. Me, I never raised the volume over 50%, but still had a failure.
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  • Thanks Hermitism....I saw your older post with the 2 amps....mine only has1 large that the one they sent you..or did it have 2 large capacitors?...txs for your help!
  • HermitismHermitism Posts: 1,390
    Post a link to that thread, I can't find it. I didn't even think to look here for that picture. How old is your sub? I think it was 2011 when I got the replacement.
    There are three things I have learned never to discuss on this forum... Religion, Politics and The Great Pumpkin.
  • Hi Hermitism....gosh...can't find that thread again....I will search some more and post if I find it...txs again..Dave
  • Txs...the one on the right looks like my existing I will contact CS to get new one..
    hopefully at a discount and it fits w/o any modification to box...again thanks for your help Hermitism!! Kind regards...Dave
  • Hermitism....OK....thanks for your help and advice..I will post my results after I put in new amp...have a great holiday season!!
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