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Hello everyone, i currently have the old monitor 70 (first series) as my main speakers. I recently purchased the signature line S10 surrounds and i was gifted an S35. Wife likes the smaller footprints of these in the living room. I was looking to purchase either the s50, s55 or s60s to replace the monitor 70s but i am not sure the sound will be any better and it’s worth the cost. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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    The S60s are a great improvement over the M70s. I would sell the M70s and pick up the S55s or S60s.
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    Thanks for your help. I mostly do home theater movies. Would i notice if i bought the S50? Is the S50 a good step up from the M70? I only ask because they are a lot smaller and would fit better in our living room. I also have a powered amp for bass already.
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    Where do you live? The S55 or S60 would be my go-to. It's just a fuller sound even when cut off for a sub.

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