Edifier speakers for PC?

obieoneobieone Posts: 5,056
Are these any good? i'm looking for something above the Logitech's.
They have great reviews on Amazon, but so did Amy Schumers last stand-up special :p (YES I have trust issues)
TIA for any feedback
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  • cfrizzcfrizz Posts: 13,030
    You could get the Polk TL3's. That's what I have for my pc, they sound great.
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  • obieoneobieone Posts: 5,056
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    Those are conventional speakers. The ones I'm referencing are powered speakers, that plug directly into the headphone jack on a PC. If PA made these style, I'd buy 'em :)
    I'm trying to avoid DAC/ external sound card, recvr, etc.
    I've already got that set up on main rig in living room, this is just a simple PC for learning MS office, etc.
    cfrizz wrote: »
    You could get the Polk TL3's. That's what I have for my pc, they sound great.

    I refuse to argue with idiots, because people can't tell the DIFFERENCE!
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,760
    Klipsch makes a pair... And Polk slapped their name on many a powered pair for HP... Troll Craigslist or let-go for computer speakers, they're everywhere.
  • mikeyb128mikeyb128 Posts: 2,745
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    I have these edifiers in my living room


    Girlfriend has her TT hooked up to it, we have the speakers on 24 inch speaker stands. I’m actually really shocked how good these sound. The bass is impressive, and they fill our living room with sound no problem.

    Remote works great, Bluetooth hooks up without a hitch. And I think they have a 3 year warranty? For the money they are awesome, on a desktop I think they would do really well. They have tone controls which is nice, because they are a tad bass heavy.
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  • zeppage2zeppage2 Posts: 159
    I have that model, R1700BT, as well for my computer setup.
    I really like them and I think they offer full sound for near field listening.
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