Check out what my dad just gave me

Although what he gave me are not in this good of shape, they have survived through Vietnam and decades of abuse from him. He has taken them to some local speaker shop, who basically IMO, after reading the forums and learning about restoration, butchered them. So I will be on the hunt for some original drivers, will hurricane nut all the drivers and do some xover mods, then call it a day, saving them for my son in another 50 years.


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    Butchered how? What did they do to them?
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    I have that Luxman preamp on an Adcom 535 amp.
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    Butchered how? What did they do to them?

    Replace blown drivers with Pyle speakers.. :( I've already found most of the replacements on ebay.
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    Replace blown drivers with Pyle speakers.

    At a local brick and mortar speaker shop? Are you sure it wasn't a teenager off Craigslist?
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