Magnifi Mini - Optical drops signal after fast forward/rewind or next/previous

I have an optical cable going from my Blu-ray player (Philips 7502) directly to my Magnifi Mini in order to hear DTS soundtracks. (I tried connecting my optical cable from the TV (Sony X930E) to the Mini, but when there was a DTS soundtrack, there is no audio from the Mini.)

Here's the problem: When watching a Blu-ray with a DTS soundtrack and selecting Optical on the Mini, if I fast forward/rewind or press Next/Previous Chapter, the optical signal drops and the Mini apparently tries to go back to HDMI ARC. So, I have to select Optical again on the Mini remote each time I press FF/Rew or Next/Prev.

Also, does anyone know why I cannot get sound from the Mini when I have an optical cable going from the TV when playing a Blu-ray with a DTS soundtrack? Does the TV pass the DTS to the Mini (which is can't decode)? Do I have to set the TV to output PCM (if I can, I haven't looked)?



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    I don't believe the Polk is able to decode DTS. It is a Dolby digital device.
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  • Thanks! I'm going to see if I can use a PCM-type output from my Sony TV's digital output.
  • I found that if I have an optical connection going from my Sony TV directly to the Mini and set the Sony's Digital Audio Out to PCM, I can get sound when playing DTS soundtracks, but when I play Dolby soundtracks the Mini isn't receiving Dolby any longer (since the green light on the Mini is not illuminated). I'd hate to lose the much better sound when playing Dolby tracks by doing that. For now, I'll go back to connecting the Philips Blu-ray player directly to the Mini via an optical connection and live with the quirk.
  • By using a different Blu-ray player, I confirmed that the optical connection sound dropout after opening a menu, FF/Rewind, NextChap, etc., is the Mangnifi Mini, not the Blu-ray player. Not sure if that's a glitch in the Mini that can be fixed by a firmware update.
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