VS VR3 v Paradigm 100v3 v Snell C/V Thoughts??

geppy1geppy1 Posts: 2,563
Looking at the following speakers.
Paradigm 100v3
Snell C/V
KEF 105.2
Has anyone every compared any of these to each other?? Driven by B&K gear or NAD 375. Music mostly rock and blues but many different things. Thanks


  • mantismantis Posts: 15,009
    It's all to personal to really say. I don't like the Paradigm 100V3 or any of the Paradigm line. I carried them for years and I always felt they where way over priced for the sound quality compared to everything on the market.
    The Snell are awesome as I love the presentation
    The Kef 105.2 I haven't listened to that model if I memory serves me right but overall I enjoy the laid back smooth sound of Kef Speakers in general.
    VS VR3 I'm not sure that that is, can you post the make and model? Boston acoustics is what I'm thinking but fill me in first
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  • geppy1geppy1 Posts: 2,563
    Von Schweikert.
  • geppy1geppy1 Posts: 2,563
    I should point out I have Mirage OM 5 units so not sure if I am getting anywhere.
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