RM705 setup help

Hello all,

I just purchased the RM705 speaker set. I'm looking to connect it to my computer, which has an MSI x299 motherboard.
The ports are: line in, line out, cs out, rs out, s/pdk (and mic in)
It claims to be 7.1 capable.
I already oopsed when buying, because I'm an audio noob, and didn't realize I needed speaker wire. Went out and bought 100ft (which is more than enough) of 16 gauge, only to come home and realize that I can't really connect it to anything...
I believe what I need at this point is a receiver. Any recommendations given my situation? Please let me know if any further clarity is needed.



  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 4,715
    Exactly right. Your computer only provides a signal or "line level" audio signal output. What you need is something with some built in amplification to run all of those speakers.

    Take a look at A4L and look into a receiver that will fit your needs. Denon or Marantz would be a good starting point.

    Once you have the receiver, I believe the easiest way to connect your computer to it would be via optical cable. Someone else can correct me here if I'm wrong on that part.
    Rebourn wrote: »
    I believe what I need at this point is a receiver.

    Got Dayens?
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