Magnifi mini can't be turned off, any workaround?

Besides pulling the power cord and shipping it back I guess.

I have a mini connected to a Tivo optical audio output since my TV doesn't support ARC. The problem is that in this configuration the optical signal is always active, so the soundbar won't turn off, if you power it off it auto wakes on input after a few seconds.

Is there some magic option to disable this?


  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 1,960
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    Sounds like it's working as designed. It's supposed to power on automatically when it receives a signal. If it didn't, there'd be people on here asking why they have no sound. Why do you have the optical from the Tivo connected to the Mini? You should have the optical out from the TV connected to the Mini. That way, when the TV is off so is the Mini. The optical out on the Tivo is likely always on.
  • Great, buy me a new TV that passes optical off the HDMI line. I have an old sony and it only transmits optical audio out when it does the decoding from cablecard, and doesn't pass it from an hdmi connection.
  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 1,960
    Does the TV have a headphone jack or left & right RCA analog outs? Those will work too, though you'll need a 1/8 stereo to L/R RCA cable for the later.
  • Why do I have to use the Magnifi all the time? If I connected with optical and not with ARC I don't want to use the soundbar all the time. why it's automatically turn on ?
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