A Short Magnifi Mini Review

DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 1,952
So far I give it a thumbs up. Connected to my network via ethernet, connected to my TV via HDMI ARC. Had dropout issues until I upgraded the firmware. That seems to have resolved it. No dropouts via optical. HDMI ARC seems to have a slight edge in sound quality. Had no issues getting the sub sync'd to the head unit. It just worked, nothing needed on my part. No lip sync issues.

Straight out of the box the sound is bass heavy. I watched Despicable Me and felt the bass was drowning out the dialog. Playing with the voice & bass controls I was able to improve things. Didn't try the different sound modes. It was late & I was tired. Still have some tinkering to do to make it acceptable.

Overall it's far better than the TV speakers, and worth the money spent, but I'm not blown away.


  • Have you had a chance to try it with music? I play a lot of Spotify on it and its great. Many guests can't believe the sound until I let them in on the secret that theres a sub hidden away in the room :)
  • heiney9heiney9 Posts: 23,858
    It is bass heavy. I've played around with sub positioning and it doesn't seem to matter. I am constantly turning the bass all the way down. I have it hooked up through the HDMI-ARC. If it's just hooked up via digital coax I don't think all material is as bass heavy. HDMI-ARC decodes Dolby whereas I don't think digital coax does so if material is over the air DD, then the bass is even heavier. Does that make sense?

    Still happy with mine over the TV speakers. While I gave it a 5 star review initially, I;ve lowered it to 4 stars for certain glitches and sound issues.
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