still looking for a pre amp

I will say and graciously Dollar Dave offered up his Luxman pre to me but after initial cost + shipping and the fact he could not locate at he original remote I said that would be an amount of cash I was not willing to spend. I'm spending all that and then buying a universal remote that might or might not work. You boys/gals know I'm exceedingly poor and need the best bargain out there. What I need is a pre/amp w/ a working remote w/ 3 inputs. Phono stage, tuner in, and either dedicated CD or aux to pick up that cd function. What I do not want or need is a pre w/ a built in tuner like many Adcom models because FM sucks these days and takes away an input I need. Any benefactors out there ?? Now I use a NAD 1020a good but no remote. ( if any doubt of payment ask either WMD or Trey if I'm good for the cash albeit slow in coming) Free would also work w/ me covering shipping. My balls are not that big and it doesn't hurt to ask. lol lol
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    Seems to me a pre with built in tuner wouldn't take up any inputs as it's already built in, just an added bonus if you ever did decide to listen to something on the radio.
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