Pioneer Elite Lovers Vintage Lineup.

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I just remembered the # of my forgotten Pioneer Int. Amp. The A-88X. Top of the line JUST before the Elite brand was coined. BUT it is still considered to be an ELITE for some reason.
Check out that distortion level..( .003

I remember now why I don't use it, even though I could, it had a cold solder joint in the volume circuit. The volume would go lower and back to normal a few times before it got warmed up. Then it would play just fine. I really think it's a solder joint.

Here is a cool page with interesting facts and Pictures of the earlier Elite line-ups. Anybody still using one of these ?
Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.


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    Cool link. Makes me miss the old days hanging out Saturdays at boutique Hi FI shops around town.
    I love the old Pioneer stuff. I always have called the pre Elite stuff Pioneer Reference .
    Sad to see all the mergers and money grabbing changes in electronics these days.
    Still have a PD65 in storage. I should get it back out.

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    I agree about mergers and the reliability of supposedly top tier brand name electronics not lasting 2 years sometimes. Not even 1 year even. Technology is supposed to progress, not regress. :/

    I do have a beautiful Elite receiver with the rosewood side panels that I bought with a speaker package. No speaker wire there but I plugged it in and ALL the functions lit and changed when buttons were pushed. The speakers were NHT 5.1 BIG system so the price was well worth the asking price.

    Well after getting the stuff home, no sound from that beautiful receiver. The speakers are awesome ! still have them.

    I put the Elite Rec. in an electronics repair shop. The tech called me a day or two later. " Tony, that receiver has a 5.1 digital computer chip that distributes the power to whatever is selected. " ...." And it's fried, and I can't find another one on the planet. It was common for the chip to die and ALL the spare ones are gone. "

    I asked if he could turn it into a 2 channel receiver or pre or 2 channel amp .

    His reply..." It's a boat anchor now " " The BRAIN IS DEAD ".

    I still have it. It's a pretty boat anchor !!!
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
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