Yamaha Stereo Receiver RX-497 with RtiA5

hi all
looking for a 2 channel receiver. got a Yamaha Stereo Receiver RX-497 at 50$. not sure this one will do good with my pair of Rtia5? any other stereo receiver recommended?pls

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  • Tony MTony M Posts: 6,094
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,760
    The Yahama entry level AVR's , RX-V series, tend to be bright. I had one paired with the RTI A5's, and when I heard Christine McVie first sing, I began wondering if there was something wrong with the speakers. Anyway began hearing the same annoying sound on various female vocalists and a few males also.

    Got a hold of a used Marantz, hooked it up, and the annoying sound went away.

    After the Marantz died, went back to Yamaha and bought one of the Aventage series AVR, RX-A series, and it paired well with them.

    Should also mention that, after pulling the RX-V series, that music seemed to become more balanced and in general more enveloping. I guess once I heard those annoying voices, I seemed to focus on that aspect.

    Had no issue running the RTI A5's with the entry level Yamaha for HT or TV, would vote no on that AVR, even at 50% off if you plan on listening to music. Move up to the Aventage line or look at Marantz if you plan on listening to music.
  • PixOttPixOtt Posts: 15
    thank you all for your kind reply. My rtia5 s are hooked with Onkyo receiver, as a HT setup. runs well but I am looking forward for a 2nd setup with 2 channel stereo receiver. aventage series are costly, Iam llooking for old uused but here in Canada my options are limited. Thanks a lot
  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,760
    Two channel look at intergrated amps.
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